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Gerald & Shelley Ingeveld

Gerald & Shelley Ingeveld


(403) 638-2356 or (403) 638-6908


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  1. Charlie says:

    I was out to the Burgen Farmers Market today with several friends. We purchased some of your beef on a bunn and all really enjoyed it. In the following conversation with both you and your wife we understood your beef is grass fed and grass finished with no growth hormones and limited meds. It is dry age. I am interested in purchasing 1/2 beef and know of someone else who is too. Do you have any left this year and if so what would the ball park cost be?
    Please get back to me.



  2. Dale Harper says:

    We would like to know if you plan on having any horseradish available this fall? We spoke to you at the Bergen market earlier this year and you mentioned to contact you prior to the Thanksgiving weekend. We could stop by the market on Saturday the 10th of October to pick it up.

    Dale & Jan

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