Breeding Stock

The Double N Ranch has seen many changes over the years, and experienced many of the challenges this industry has.  One of the greatest is: “Can’t get good help!”  Another is how to raise livestock as “natural” as possible.  These two challenges are being met by changing the way we do business.  We are attempting to accomplish 3 things: 1/ Decrease the manpower required to carry on operations; 2/ Produce a hands – off type of breeding stock; 3/ Give something to the next generation.

To this end, we have moved our breeding and calving season forward, so calves begin to hit the ground in May.  We purchase all of our feed, so we can graze hay land well into the winter, and cows calve on grass (mostly).  We choose easy calving sires, this year we pulled one backward calf.  The average weight of the calves from our first calving heifers is 75 pounds! We had no scours.

Some of 0ur herd sires. From left to right: Harvie Cool Water 66E.  When he was a yearling, ready to cover the heifer pen.   OVHF Walk Hard 144C. Had a lean working weight of 2400 pounds. Harvie BH 40Y Winston 122A. Winston was a friendly giant that gave us a great group of replacement heifers over the five years we used him.  Perfect udders, easy calving, great dispositions, and good feet are common among his daughters.

Our calves are weaned in the winter, and are already used to hay, we did not treat a calf at weaning.  Bulls are offered for sale at 20 months of age (long yearlings) having summered on grass, and wintered on a forage based ration.  They are kept lean and limber. All bulls are semen evaluated in April.

2015-01-23 10.07.11

Hereford Long Yearlings

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